Thursday, July 10, 2014


I am curious how many people feel that their creativity is stifled by patterns of self-critisism? Do you experience creativity in your day to day- and in what unique ways? If you aren't experiencing much creativity, how do you imagine your life would change if you were stepping into that realm more often? What different ways do you get creative now and how would you like to experience new creative endeavors. How important is creativity for our inner expansion?

For me- I feel I am an extremely creative person but most of my creative energy lies dormant after years of being too self-critical. Writing is one way that I allow myself to be creative mostly because I feel more in control. I do love painting but don't do it often enough to consider it a true outlet. I am a pretty damn good vocalist but have always felt extremely vulnerable when sharing that gift- like people see to much of me when I open my mouth to sing- but on my own it is one of my favorite things. Communication is creative for me and so is working in the healing arts. Helping people to move stagnant energy and sharing different modalities to transform life. I would love to expand my creativity! I see it as a really therapeutic and worthwhile investment- good for the soul, explorative, fun and relaxing. Is expressing my desire for more creativity creative in itself? Not sure...

Day 1 of Gratitude Prayers

DAY 1 of Gratitude Prayers- I am so happy and grateful for deep restorative sleep, magical dreams and waking up to the birds chirping. A morning breeze kissing my cheek. A new day of self-discovery. Little Jackson sleeping at my feet in a pile of blankets.

I am literally camping in my parents backyard at the moment. As my parents get the house ready to sell- packing, cleaning and letting go of old vibrations- it doesn't seem real that soon this won't be our home anymore. This is the house I grew up in my whole life. I have so many memories of being a child playing in this backyard which my father turned into a secret garden jungle for us. Some of my best memories were in this backyard which now seems so much smaller. We would ignite our imaginations and tap into the fairy realms in this yard. I would lay around in the hay and watch the clouds float across the sky. He would garden and play the music really loud, we would pick cherry tomatoes, blackberries, swing in the hammock. Thats the way I want to live my life- in the sunshine, cultivating something beautiful, free to imagine and daydream all we want. I am grateful for the memories :)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

IN Service

As of lately most of my focus has turned towards stepping into my role as a healer and teacher. I have hidden behind Dan for quite some time now and it really feels good to step into my own gifts and insights when it comes to healing the body, mind, and heart. It has served me so well to watch Dan be able to impact so many lives and hear from those who are getting healthy and are so grateful. I have made wonderful connections in the past few years being with Dan and it has brought me a lot more confidence when I see how much I have learned about holistic health and how I truly can help someone everyday. When I let go of all my fears and insecurities and just focus on the people who need guidance and direction I find myself loving more and more being able to help others and the notion of being able to support myself while doing it. The last few years I have helped many people mostly behind the scenes. I dabbled with youtube videos and sharing these blogs, but most of the one on one guidance happened behind the scenes naturally. Right now I am working on creating a website and organizing my services. It can be kind of scary building a business and learning how to  do it in a way that is going to be effective and successful. SO, if you are reading this...(that is awesome!) Especially since my life has been all over the place and consistent blogging has never been easy for me. (yet I still really enjoy it.) But also keep your eyes peeled for a new website from me in the future. I am somewhat of a perfectionist so I am gonna try and just get it up without being too obsessive compulsive. eek! Sending out so much love and deep appreciation to anyone out there who happens to be reading this :D